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The best and easiest namespace to Share Sitecore code: Shared.SharedSitecore


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The Evolution of the SharedSitecore Namespace

I. WhateverYouWant - Per Company, Per Project, etc., providing practically zero discoverability.
II. Sitecore.Shared - Made popular by John West.
III. Sitecore.Sharedsource - Made popular by John West.
IV. SitecoreShared - In an effort to avoid Sitecore namespace conflicts.
V. SeveralVariationsAndVersions - Insert several other variations and versions of the namespaces.
VI. Shared.SharedSitecore - Now, I introduce, the best so far: Shared.SharedSitecore. This should provide greatest discoverability (comes before Sitecore) and least namespace conflicts.
VII. Shared.SeleniumExtensions - I am now following this naming convention everywhere.
VIII. Shared - I am even working on a few projects worthy of the root level: Shared.

With well over 1000+ various packages/projects spread out across Github, Azure DevOps and various systems, it will take a little while to get everything moved.

Maintained by: David Walker aka Radical Dave aka Sitecore Dave

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